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When I began to notice that I couldn’t read from a comfortable distance, my choice was (very) expensive bifocals or much more reasonably priced reading glasses.

I chose the reading glasses, and they work great!  Since the price at Mass Vision is affordable, I have several pairs to match my clothes and mood.  There is a large choice of frame colors and styles, which is great.  The style of glasses I use to read a menu in a restaurant is different from the ones I use to read in bed at night, which are again different from what I wear at a business meeting when I want to make a statement about myself.

Since I began wearing reading glasses, my headaches have disappeared.  No more eye strain.  My health insurance pays for an eye exam every two years, but not for glasses.  Mass Vision offers prescription free reading glasses that range in strength from +1.0 to +3.75.  It’s fun to select different styles, knowing that I can afford several pairs on my salary.

I highly recommend wholesale reading glasses.  They improved my vision and appearance without breaking my budget.


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