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Kleo Collection with Bifocal

Kleo Collection with Bifocal

These are designer bifocal sunglasses made by our Kleo Collection.  An assortment of colors as well as lens strengths ranging from +1.5 to +3.0 are included with each dozen.  The bifocal is at perfect level in the sunglasses.

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Whether you have 20/20 vision or less than perfect eyesight, you are entitled to proper sun protection. Fortunately, bifocal sunglasses are available for those who have trouble seeing both near and far. Like regular bifocal reading glasses, bifocal sunglasses are available in the latest, most contemporary designs to compliment virtually any personal style. Of course, like any pair of regular sunglasses, bifocal sunglasses frames come in an assortment of trendy patterns and colors. You might even have difficulty choosing your favorite lens shade!  As with ordinary sunglasses, you’ll also have to decide which frame shape best compliments your facial features.

Now, if you’re looking for all the extra accessories for bifocal glasses, you can rest assured they’re available! Certain pairs of bifocal sunglasses are equipped with retention cords that attach to the earpieces. These cords come adorned with sparkly beads, glittering jewels, or no frill at all. Take advantage of more functional features such as nearly indestructible polymer frames or impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. Of course, get prepared to fork over some more cash for all the extra bells and whistles. However, you may find all these features essential when you’re reading a book by the pool or hiking up a mountain.

No matter what level of lens strength you need, no problem! Most bifocal sunglasses -including designer pairs- come in lens strengths +1.0 to +4.0, so you are sure to always see near and far while sporting around. If you are worried about your bifocal lenses being prominent, don’t! Many bifocal sunglasses are designed to draw attention to the trendy frames and away from the actual bifocal lenses. Therefore, the actual bifocal readers are very unnoticeable. In fact, most people won’t even notice you’re wearing bifocal sunglasses! While this isn’t an issue for some, having bifocal readers discretely etched into the lenses may make some folks feel more youthful.

Naturally, you’ll also get the same great ultraviolet-ray protection with bifocal sunglasses as with non-bifocal sunglasses. Like all sunglasses, larger bifocal sunglasses and wraparound sunglasses typically offer the greatest protection. Many bifocal sunglasses are labeled with their level of UV protection; for example UV400. A higher number is always better, as it represents a greater level of protection from ultraviolet rays. Some designer bifocal sunglasses even feature polarized lenses that enhance UV protection. As with any pair of sunglasses, eye protection is the most important element of bifocal sunglasses and essentially the whole point of wearing them.

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